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The Tattoo Contest Categories!!!

- Best Halloween
- Best Black & Grey
- Best Geometric
- Best Neo Traditional
- Best Realistic
- Best Color
- Best of Day (Saturday + Sunday)
- Best of Show



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Abraxas  Wes Wildvang  Belgium
Abraxas  Eleven Serpents  Belgium
Abraxas  Dase One Tattoo  Belgium
Abraxas  Sneaky Jay Tattoo  Belgium
Abraxas  Black Muse Tattoos  Belgium
Bittersweet Coeckey  Sepp Coeck  Belgium
Blue Eyes Tattoo  Daria Van Bael  Belgium
Electric Therapy tattoo studio  Reinhilde Debruyne (Ardie)  Belgium
Fantasy Tattoo  Jos Knevels  Belgium
Fantasy Tattoo  Nico Cretskens  Belgium
Inktomatik Tattoo  Tom Van Immerseel  Belgium
Inkursion  Raf Pion  Belgium
Inkursion  Jesse Truyens  Belgium
Karmann Tattoo  Kurt Saenen  Belgium
Martinez tattoo  Michael Martinet  Belgium
Moonchild Tattoos  Amber Lemey  Belgium
Pink Flamingo  Emmi  Belgium
Silverback Tattoo  Hans Moonen   Belgium
Black Flesh Tattoo  Kesley Van Roey   Belgium
Studio eLVe  Lies Vanbel  Belgium
Tattoo diamond  Yolanda Vanderydt  Belgium
Tattoo Unique  Suzy Van Gurp  Belgium
The Hive  Fem Into the Woodz  Belgium
The needle queen  Ilona Vaes  Belgium
Underground Passas Tattoo  Bruno  Belgium
Underground Tattoos  Niels Horemans  Belgium